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Thank you to all of our first responders, firefighters, police officers, and rescue/emergency workers.

We know more than anything that you want to get onsite as fast as possible because you know Time Saves Lives!

This site was born from going through a scary emergency 911 situation. Help arrived way longer than I expected and even scarier is when I found out that it was the "norm." Then I began to learn how bureaucratic red tape, lack of understanding where bottle necks are occurring, and simply that most people are unaware of how long it actually takes emergency services to arrive on site. The longer these areas go unfixed, the further it normalizes extended arrival times

and preventing our first responders from being able to help sooner.

 It all begins with awareness.

True Heros

Image by Yassine Khalfalli

Thank You!

Image by Matt C

Thank You!

Image by Fred Moon

Thank You!

What was your emergency response times?

Our Mission is to create awareness of how long it takes emergency services to arrive.
Our goal is NOT to disparage or make our emergency workers look/feel bad - its quite the opposite. We know they want to be able to perform their job to the fullest they can because they are Heros and thats what Heros do. Our goal is to point out systems that operate consistently fast while also create awareness of subpar response times that need/deserve/require/demand attention.
We create Visibility.

This is a simple website. Its aim is simple as well. To create awareness.

How many days from now is the expiration date of the milk in your fridge?

How many minutes would it take a first responder to get to your house at 5pm in an emergency 911 call? How about an ambulance if transport is needed?

The milk in my fridge expires in 10 days.

I had no idea it would take first responders over 14 minutes to arrive.

It would take an ambulance an additional ~12 minutes to arrive when I called 911 as my newborn 2 month old struggled breathing - even stopping.

My milk expires in 10 days I knew immediately.

It taking an ambulance 26 minutes to arrive to a call about my newborn struggling with breathing shouldn't come as a shock in time of need. 

It shouldn't happen at all.

And here we are.

Help awareness by spreading awareness.

If you have called into 911 please take a moment to enter your response times.

I hope for 2 things from this website:

1) Spotlights outstanding, life-saving response times that could be modeled

2) Become aware of response times in your areas as reported by their experience

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